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Detailed information of every Import or Export operation of any Company and Product in more than 20 countries!

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Stay updated about your COMPETITORS activities

With our database, you will be able to know where your competitors source their products from. We offer the most accurate data that disclose suppliers, product volumes, and industry trends for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, United States, Russia, Ukraine, India and many other countries.

Keep tabs of current and discover new SUPPLIERS

Having trustworthy suppliers is key. INFONECTA helps you to find them! Our databases disclose customers, product lines, and exporting volumes for factories around the world. In addition, INFONECTA novel's technology allows our subscribers to keep abreast of specific operations or criteria by creating specific alerts.

Identify potential CUSTOMERS

If you sell products or services to Latina American, Russian or Chinese importers, our datasets allow you qualify prospects based on their Foreign Trade histories. You will be able to, for example, to create alerts on the online subscription which indicate when a specific operation is undertaken such as imports by a specific company of a specific product or exports of certain products to specified countries.

Business Intelligence Reports

INFONECTA has highly qualify team of professionals with solid expertise in foreign trade, development of technological and logistics projects and service commercialization. Our combinations of specialized focus, market know-how, and years of experience have resulted in a deep understanding of Foreign Trade Data Reports.

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More than 800.000 companies in 20 countries!

Our database contains official information of more than 800.000 importers, exporters, buyers and suppliers.

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More than 90 million records of current and historical imports and exports.

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